Short courses

The infohackit training programme can easily be adapted to a short format. Short courses offer bespoke workshops only open to students signed up to the course – and so they are ideal for organisations looking to create a shared experience for their cohort. The short course format is also well suited to students who need to create a specific output or meet a key deadline. We will be delighted to work with you to design a programme to meet the needs of your students and your budget.

Feedback from our short courses

Absolutely blown away by this course! Enjoyed it so so much, thank you so much to Lucy and Peter for an amazing 3 days of designing. I will definitely be using the skills I learned for my thesis and future work.

Definitely the best training course I have done during my 3 years on the DTP! Really useful learning design techniques and I will definitely use this to create some infographics for my thesis. Peter is really engaging and funny too and makes the course what it is, thank you!

Thank you so much for an amazing course, I really enjoyed it and have learnt so much! I feel like we progressed really quickly from starting with the basics, to being able to produce some really exciting graphics. Everything was really well-explained and we were really encouraged to ask questions and ask for feedback.

Sample programme

Course content

Training session 1 (4 hours)

Introduction to design principles and key skills in Affinity Designer

  • Essential tools and palettes – watch short demonstrations and then try it yourself
  • Creating and manipulating objects
  • Design principles in practice – colours, type, images and composition
  • Shapes challenge – create an image using simple shapes and tools

Training session 2 (4 hours) – choose from:

Skills for designing posters

  • Typography
  • Palettes and stylesheets
  • Poster grid systems
  • Using your skills – create a plan and structure for your own poster


Skills for designing infographics and visual abstracts

  • Drawing with the pen tool
  • Design thinking to plan creative projects
  • Using your skills – create a plan and structure for your own infographic or visual abstract

Support via Slack

By the end of training session 2, students should have a comprehensive plan for their poster, infographic or visual abstract, along with the skills to complete their project. Students will then work at their own pace to produce their visual sci comm work. There will be a dedicated Slack channel were students can share work in progress for feedback, ask advice, technical queries etc. Support will be available for a fixed period of time after training session 2.

Optional: Practical session (4 hours)

Students work on their project during the session with live support, feedback and demonstrations. Depending on scope, students could reasonably expect to complete a poster, infographic or visual abstract in the course of one practical session.

Contact us

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