East African Rift infographic by Kevin Wong

^ Kevin Wong, infohackit alumnus

Peek inside a planetesimal infographic by Maeve Murphy Quinlan

^ Maeve Murphy Quinlan, infohackit alumnus

How to enhance biodiversity poster by Hollie Blaydes

^ Hollie Blaydes, infohackit alumnus

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Conceptualising and communicating your ideas visually is a valuable skill for every researcher

Improve the clarity of your research and produce greater impact by sharing your research in a variety of formats to a range of audiences
Gain fresh perspective on your findings and messaging through planning, designing and sharing your visual communications

The infohackit online programme, designed specifically for researchers, aims to support you to create individual outputs (such as a poster or abstract) and to empower you with the confidence and skills to work independently in the future.

You can start the programme at any time. For 12-months from your first session, you will have access to a range of training which is offered in a highly flexible basis. You can follow the programme at your own pace and choose the training and workshops that are of interest and relevance to you. Every workshop is offered several times through the year to enable you to find a time that suits, and you can repeat any sessions you would like to.

I cannot recommend infohackit enough! I have learnt so much about communicating research effectively with design. This has helped not only with making great posters but improving diagrams, graphs and creating infographics.

“The best thing about this course is its accessibility. You don’t need to be an artist and you have access to extremely detailed and tailored feedback on your work. The course content is diverse and extensive, and you can quickly see the results in your work.

“It’s great to be part of a community of course attendees that you can learn and take inspiration from. It’s also fun! Everyone communicating science/research should take this course.”

Chloe, University of East Anglia

You will learn…

Principles of good design

Start the programme by learning the foundations of any good design project: composition, type, images and colour

Essential Affinity Designer

Gain an excellent grounding in our programme software. After this session you will be ready to put your skills in practice to create your own materials.

Poster design

Posters are a key output for many researchers. We can help you plan and create high-quality posters to communicate your research.

Infographic design

Infographics including social media images and visual abstracts can allow you to generate impact and engagement for your research. We give you the skills to create your own.

And there’s more…

Affinity Designer licenceFocus on... webinarsAdvanced software skillsFeedback on your projectsSupport anytime

Affinity Designer licence

Participants in the programme have access to our online forum to ask questions, access resources and post work for feedback.

We believe that great design requires good tools. Our software for the programme is Affinity Designer, professional graphic design software with an approachable learning curve and excellent features.

Find out more about our programme software


For 12-month access to all online training sessions, support and feedback via our online platform, and Affinity Designer licence to continue to use your creative skills throughout your PhD and beyond.

“infohackit has shown me not only skills for my PhD life, but also triggered my creativity. Posters, presentations and papers are now better illustrated and win conference awards.”
Lisa, University of Birmingham
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