Note: the word ‘client’ refers to any and all of the following:

  • Individual/ organisation who commissions Moore Fuller Consulting Ltd
  • Individual/ organisation who pays Moore Fuller Consulting Ltd
  • An individual engaging with / receiving Moore Fuller Consulting Ltd services, even where they are not the paying client – for example, a PhD student who is attending a training session which has been paid for by their Doctoral Training Partnership or university
Our quote

Before we start work we will supply a quote. The wording of the quote will specify whether the quote is for a fixed period of time, or full delivery of a project.

We require written (email) acceptance of the quote before we start work.

Acceptance of the quote is taken as acceptance of these terms, and constitutes a contract between the client and Moore Fuller Consulting.

Acceptance of a quote is taken as acceptance of the total price (except where the quotation includes options or variations). Where the quote is itemised, we reserve the right to reallocate funds to different line items as required to deliver the project (while maintaining the total price).

Should requirements change during a project, additional costs may be incurred. Wherever possible, we will seek approval from the client before additional costs are incurred.

Where expenses are agreed and incurred – for example, travel or supply of software – the client will be liable to pay these even if the rest of the project is cancelled, postponed or restructured.

Paying an invoice

Payment terms are specified on the invoice. We reserve the right to charge a late payment fee.

Cancelling a contract

The client has the right to cancel a contract at any time prior to the commencement of the contract. When approved costs have been incurred prior to cancellation, the client will be liable to pay these.

Where we are unable to deliver a contract, we will first attempt to reschedule, restructure or provide alternative services. The client agrees to make reasonable accommodations to ensure the delivery of the contract.

Where we are unable to deliver a contract or provide an alternative, we accept no responsibility or liability for any consequential loss.

Our liability

Any claim for losses shall be limited to a maximum of 150% of the value of the contract.

Confidentiality and data protection

All data supplied by the client is treated as confidential unless described otherwise by the client. Where the project entails sharing of information, we require confirmation of what can be shared and with whom. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure appropriate permission has been acquired.

Contact details and personal information will never be shared without permission.

Intellectual property and copyright

Where the client uses or provides information (including but not limited to, written, graphic, image, data) it is the responsibility of the client to ensure that appropriate permission has been secured from the information owner.

We retain ownership of digital files created by Moore Fuller Consulting Ltd employees to produce materials for the client. Ownership of the materials created passes to the client on full payment of the invoice.

We assert no rights to materials created by the client.

Using our online spaces (including but not limited to Zoom, Teams, GatherTown, Miro, Slack)

The client agrees to abide by the rules and guidelines as set out by the collaborative software applications (eg Zoom), and we take no responsibility for misuse by the client.

The client agrees to abide by the Moore Fuller Consulting Ltd principles of good conduct, namely:

  • ·Be kind – be respectful and supportive of other users
  • Be truthful – do not misrepresent yourself, and attribute work that does not belong to you