Design principles and poster hacks handout

If you’ve attended a Design Principles talk, or the Intro to Great Design, here’s a useful handout for you!

12 column poster grids

These simple 12 column poster grids will help you design your research poster. They’re available in A0 and A1 formats, both in landscape and portrait. Whichever software you use, make sure you switch guides ON, otherwise, the page will appear completely blank.

They are not templates! Each document is an empty file, with a 12 column grid measured out, where ALL column widths are a whole number in mm. They do not require attribution. If you have found our resources helpful, please consider mentioning @infohackit on Twitter.

Why 12 columns?

12 has lots of factors, so it makes it easier to divide your page up evenly into halves, thirds, quarters, sixths, or more irregular patterns!