infohackit started in 2015 as a workshop funded by the Natural Environment Research Council as part of an impact acceleration grant to the Marine Knowledge Exchange Network. The following year it was adapted into a training programme in 2016, and then a tour of events around the UK in 2017. During this time we have trained hundreds of students from over 30 Universities. 

The infohackit team  

Peter & Lucy Moore Fuller 

Peter and Lucy have had 20-year careers in information design, working with dozens of clients in research, Higher Education and health care. We founded infohackit in 2015 and have since trained hundreds of researchers to improve their visual communications. 

Favourite colourorange blue
Favourite typefaceHelvetica DIN
If I could communicate one thing about design:Bigger text isn’t necessarily 
more legible
Everything is easier when you use whole numbers
Enjoys:LEGO, crosswords 
and playing the ukulele 
Detective stories, being by the sea and learning anything new